Outres certaines fonctions de collaboration ou de gestion documentaire intégrées ces dernières années, les CMS fournissent de plus de fonctions sociales internes (rating, comments, favorites…) ainsi que des possibilités d’intégrer aisément des liens vers les sites sociaux externes – facebook, youtube…. A cet égard on évolue visiblement vers un éclatement de la gestion du contenus des sites Internet. D’un système de gestion de contenu centralisé nous évoluons de plus en plus vers une gestion de contenu partagée sur plusieurs plateformes gratuites et spécialisées tels que Flikr ou Picasa pour les images, Youtube pour les vidéo, Formstack pour les formulaires en lignes, ou encore Calameo pour permettre de feuilleter des brochures. Read more

Each year, the European Drupal developers get together as one happy family at the annual European Drupal Conference. The Drupalcon 2010 Copenhagen was the scene of much rejoicing, but one could also enjoy one of the many sessions and presentations. Here’s the keynote of founder Dries Buytaert. You may find some of my personal picks after the jump.

View on Vimeo.

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Ever wondered what Drupal looks like in real life? Perhaps you have encountered one yourself, like The Whitehouse, ubuntu.com or the Grammys.

And yet, out there on the internet, you might bump into some little gem, a sparkling site or a robust product site which happens to be powered by Drupal.

Explore it on drupalsites.net and at these excellent blogposts:

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In November of last year, Ektron released their new version of CMS400.NET. The backoffice of this version 8 has completely restyled. In this blog post I want to show you the most notable modifications compared to version 7.


The difference between the previous backoffice and the newest one is visible at first sight due to the new lay-out. Other colors are used, menus are replaced and ordered in a different way, all content-related parts can be accessed more easily,… Read more