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Our latest Ektron baby is the number one website for job vacancies in Belgium: Beside job vacancies this website publishes a lot of articles related to applying, remuneration and other actualities in their industry. The job vacancies are managed in a customized backoffice and the articles are managed in Ektron. Let’s take a look how we did use the Ektron Taxonomy for deciding on which page an article will be published.

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Today I’ll set up a simple application to demonstrate how easy it is to consume a WCF service through a Javascript Library, the popular Jquery to be exact. We opt for this approach as Jquery uses ajax calls for these things which are asynchronous and it limits the postbacks to the server (as Javascript is ran client side).

So let’s get started:

First, you can get JQuery over at the Jquery website:

Once we have that we’ll start up a new project in visual studio. Create a folder scripts, and a folder services and add a new wcf service to the solution (in the services folder). Add the jquery script to the scripts folder.
Once you’ve done that, your solution would look like this:

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Ektron Aliasing

As of version 7.66, the Aliasing module of Ektron is completely changed. In their newest release (v8.02) everything should finally be fixed. As there were still problems with the aliasing in multilingual websites, we are very happy as a Belgian web agency that those problems are gone.

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SQL vs NoSQL, or Relational Datastores vs Non-Relational Datastores (document stores, key-value stores,…).

The last months there is a lot of buzz around NoSQL. I tried to find out if NoSQL really is an alternative for SQL.  In my tests i used MongoDb as NoSQL DB. When i first heard about NoSQL, i thought… Why? We are working with SQL server, MySQL,… for years, we’re used to working with it, why would we switch to something else.

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What is it

It’s new and it is according to Microsoft everything you need to build websites using Microsoft. Actually it contains IIS Developer Express (development web server), ASP.NET (the framework) and SQL Server Compact (SQL server embedded). It’s built to make web development with Microsoft tools available for everybody.
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