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Our latest Ektron baby is the number one website for job vacancies in Belgium: Beside job vacancies this website publishes a lot of articles related to applying, remuneration and other actualities in their industry. The job vacancies are managed in a customized backoffice and the articles are managed in Ektron. Let’s take a look how we did use the Ektron Taxonomy for deciding on which page an article will be published.

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Ektron and Marketing

In this blog post I want to show you two remarkable functions in the newest version of Ektron: multivariate testing and targeted content. For marketeers these features could be interesting because it is all about acquisition and conversion.

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Ektron Aliasing

As of version 7.66, the Aliasing module of Ektron is completely changed. In their newest release (v8.02) everything should finally be fixed. As there were still problems with the aliasing in multilingual websites, we are very happy as a Belgian web agency that those problems are gone.

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Ektron Widgets

According to Wikipedia a widget is a reusable component for building user interfaces. Let me tell you how Ektron makes use of these GUI elements. Read more

In November of last year, Ektron released their new version of CMS400.NET. The backoffice of this version 8 has completely restyled. In this blog post I want to show you the most notable modifications compared to version 7.


The difference between the previous backoffice and the newest one is visible at first sight due to the new lay-out. Other colors are used, menus are replaced and ordered in a different way, all content-related parts can be accessed more easily,… Read more