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Calendra Directory manager was a pretty good platform for rapidly developing web applications based on directories, databases, provisioning and workflow. As such it was a great tool for building Identity a Access management related applications.
Calendra was acquired by BMC Software, but never found its place in the portfolio of the company, and development slowed down.
This year ownership of Calendra was transferred to ITConcepts. Read more on Jan de Rijke’s blog.

Interesting presentation by Marc Vanhoutteghem @ the Comeos m-commerce seminar in October :


Nice piece of work by a creative Uniwayer !

A German court ruled someone can be liable if his WIFI connection is unprotected and that connection is used for illegal acts.

A US court ruled that if you are mailing a link to a website, you are liable for the contents of the page it links to.

What is your responsibility as an average internet user ? Read more on :

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