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Browsers rule

With Internet Explorer 9 we will finally see the first Microsoft browser that we can call web standard.
Together with Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome we have five top quality browsers ready to rock.
Fast and smooth updates and new versions of these browsers accelarate the adoption of new web standards like HTML5 and CSS3. Chrome will be soon the central star in the brand new Google OS for PC.
And there is more rock & roll to come with another web standard brand new browser.

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Default design and themes.

Sharepoint 2010 has a design out of the box. The typical Microsoft design that we all know from the other (office) products. The most striking difference with the 2007 version is the integration of the famous ribbon, the toolbar that most of us use also everyday in other applications of Microsoft Office.
Thus a first minimal design strategy could be to just simply add a company logo and keep the default design. Why change a perfectly working usable design? Most users will recognize immediately the typical Microsoft design that they are already used to work with. This approach might be very suitable for intranets and even extranets. Alternative default design can be easily made by choosing one of the default themes in 2010. In Sharepoint 2010 this can be done with Powerpoint!

Of course just changing a logo and choosing a default theme or even change a default theme through Powerpoint might not be enough for a public web site. Read more

ColorZilla made a powerful Photoshop-like CSS gradient editor. This is a great way to learn and experiment with some of the more exciting  new features of CSS 3. They even provided support in the generated CSS rules for the crippled IE browsers. Read more

“Stylebot is a Chrome extension that aims to simplify customizing the web, making it more accessible and adaptable. It puts you in control of the web’s presentation, allowing you to quickly change the appearance of any page. You launch Stylebot on a page, pick an element and apply styles to it. That’s it!”

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Een nieuw tijdperk

HTML5 is de toekomst van webdesign. En die toekomst is nu al begonnen. Dat staat nu wel definitief vast. Voor sommigen zelfs niet meer of minder dan een heel nieuw tijdperk. Lees maar het laatste nummer na van .Net Magazine (issue 206 ) met als gast editor de veel geprezen Web Standards guru Jeffrey Zeldman.

Kritische geluiden.

Uiteraard zijn er ook de kritisch geluiden. Zo vinden ze bij YouTube bijvoorbeeld dat HTML5 nog niet klaar is om Flash te vervangen. Bij de BBC vindt Erik Huggers dat HTML5 gevaar loopt om uit koers te geraken. Hij verdedigt daarom ook het blijven gebruiken van Flash op de sites van de BBC. De opmars van HTML5 is echter niet meer te stoppen en dus is het hoog tijd om van start te gaan. Read more