ColorZilla made a powerful Photoshop-like CSS gradient editor. This is a great way to learn and experiment with some of the more exciting  new features of CSS 3. They even provided support in the generated CSS rules for the crippled IE browsers.

But apart from being a great tool for immediate use in projects, I think this kind of generators also show that soon web design will be more and more done directly in a browser-like environment. A new type of software, something between traditional graphical software like Photoshop, more web based graphical software like Fireworks and on the other hand complete html/css editors like Dreamweaver.

The graphical, instinctive panels of Photoshop and Fireworks combined with a powerful CSS generator. That would be something to look forward to. The output would be web standard HTML5 pages and CSS instead of, lets face it, those silly static screenshots in jpeg.

A tool like Style master already comes very close. But it stills feels a bit buggy and lacks the smoothness of the Photoshop or Fireworks. It might be a good idea for Adobe to fine tune Fireworks in this direction.
Let’s hope to see the first real software for web graphics really soon.

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