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Browsers rule

With Internet Explorer 9 we will finally see the first Microsoft browser that we can call web standard.
Together with Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome we have five top quality browsers ready to rock.
Fast and smooth updates and new versions of these browsers accelarate the adoption of new web standards like HTML5 and CSS3. Chrome will be soon the central star in the brand new Google OS for PC.
And there is more rock & roll to come with another web standard brand new browser.

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Ektron Aliasing

As of version 7.66, the Aliasing module of Ektron is completely changed. In their newest release (v8.02) everything should finally be fixed. As there were still problems with the aliasing in multilingual websites, we are very happy as a Belgian web agency that those problems are gone.

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SQL vs NoSQL, or Relational Datastores vs Non-Relational Datastores (document stores, key-value stores,…).

The last months there is a lot of buzz around NoSQL. I tried to find out if NoSQL really is an alternative for SQL.  In my tests i used MongoDb as NoSQL DB. When i first heard about NoSQL, i thought… Why? We are working with SQL server, MySQL,… for years, we’re used to working with it, why would we switch to something else.

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